OBS Studio + PLUDO SDR TX DATV howto?

  • Hi Robert,

    where can I get Evaristes Adalm-Pluto DVB Controller and/or his software package?

  • From Evariste, F5OEO. The original site is no longer up and the version on Vivadatv is out of date. The best solution is to contact him and follow the guidance in the help file.


    From the help file:

    Help and Support


    If you have any questions regarding this custom firmware or are experiencing any problems following the user guides, or experiments feel free to ask a question. Questions can be asked on our vivadatv forum.

    Support the author

    Even most of this development is done under opensource (GPL), I should apreciate donation for integration, development and materials : Donate



    Hamradio call F5OEO since 1995, electronic and computer science engineer. Interested in experimenting rather than communicating. Main interests : SDR, embedded platform (raspebrry pi), digital television (DVB).

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  • For each symbol rate, constellation and FEC there is a maximum possible bitrate of the UDP-stream.
    Using Analysis page I can see green and red dots. There is no explanation, but I think the red ones are dropped. And I think it is a good sign to see zero-packets shown. So fare I studied some examples and used trial and error.
    I would need a good understandable document how to set the main parameters at OBS recording to achieve a certain bitrate. Could someone please point me that document?

  • DD0KP Heiner, deleting the callsign did not solve but it helped someway to monitor the problem between the variations it shows: blank, py2rn, unassigned and nocall.

    In my case loading the original v0.31 pluto.frm AND boot.frm then f5oeo beta for the brave solved the issue and Pluto TX is normal now.



    Ed PY2RN