OBS Studio + PLUTO SDR TX DATV howto?

  • Hi Robert,

    where can I get Evaristes Adalm-Pluto DVB Controller and/or his software package?

  • From Evariste, F5OEO. The original site is no longer up and the version on Vivadatv is out of date. The best solution is to contact him and follow the guidance in the help file.


    From the help file:

    Help and Support


    If you have any questions regarding this custom firmware or are experiencing any problems following the user guides, or experiments feel free to ask a question. Questions can be asked on our vivadatv forum.

    Support the author

    Even most of this development is done under opensource (GPL), I should apreciate donation for integration, development and materials : Donate



    Hamradio call F5OEO since 1995, electronic and computer science engineer. Interested in experimenting rather than communicating. Main interests : SDR, embedded platform (raspebrry pi), digital television (DVB).

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  • For each symbol rate, constellation and FEC there is a maximum possible bitrate of the UDP-stream.
    Using Analysis page I can see green and red dots. There is no explanation, but I think the red ones are dropped. And I think it is a good sign to see zero-packets shown. So fare I studied some examples and used trial and error.
    I would need a good understandable document how to set the main parameters at OBS recording to achieve a certain bitrate. Could someone please point me that document?

  • Hello all,

    I am a bit confused in try to find the answer in previous posts, put did not manage

    I set OBS recording to udp://

    I set my Pluto to a certain channel with the latest software

    Start my miniTiounerV2 nice lock but no video

    Why is there no video?

    I am missing something ?

    73 Frans PE0F

  • Looking at this you have not set up any of the encoding parameters. Read the instructions at to use RTMP or look at what's written in the DATV forums. It's quite complicated to do this.

    for UDP your basic.ini in the OBS profile might contain text that looks something like this:


















    FFMCustom=max_delay=600 muxrate=7426 mpegts_original_network_id =1 mpegts_transport_stream_id=2 mpegts service_id=1 mpegts_start_pid=300 mpegts_pmt_start_pid=4096 pcr_period=40

    FFVCustom=profile=main level=4.0 rc=cbr_hq rc-lookahead=10 surfaces=2











    but really I don't recommend this as it's not so reliable. I prefer to use virtualcam plugin for OBS and do the encoding with a batch file. To do this you need ffmpeg installed on your PC but that opens up a much large range of options to try.

    There is a post about that on the BATC forum. You need to install the OBS Virtualcam plugin. I suppose you could just use a webcam with ffmpeg and no OBS. To test perhaps first send to VLC and you might try:

    c:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="OBS-Camera" -thread_queue_size 512 -f dshow -i audio="OBS-Audio" -vcodec hevc_nvenc -s 768x432 -r 15 -bf 0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -b:v 40k -preset slow -profile:v main -rc cbr_hq -rc-lookahead 5 -acodec aac -aac_coder twoloop -ar 48000 -ac 1 -b:a 24k -f mpegts -muxrate 170k -streamid 0:256 -streamid 1:257 -max_delay 2000000 -metadata service_provider="PE0F" -metadata service_name="Frans" -y "udp://"

    Which you can receive with VLC in the same way you direct minitioune output to VLC. Once working with VLC set parameters appropriately for your chosen symbol rate and fec and send to the pluto IP address and port. It should receive it. Make sure that force compliant (H265 Box) checkbox is off.


  • Hi Frans

    I anticipated that and the script for ffmpeg includes your encoder. This is the "vcodec hevc_nvenc" part. If you want to do it in OBS you need to select it similarly to me. Software encoding of H265 is hard and for most people, not really practical without hardware assistance of a graphics card. If you are sending H265 and your PC is not on fire, then you are probably already using the hardware encoder.


  • If you want to use the ADALM-PLUTO DATV controller to set the parameters of the Pluto, you have to send the OBS data to the Pluto via UDP stream. Above you can see what has to be entered in OBD under "Output" "Recording". But what do you have to enter under "Stream" in the line "Server" and "Stream Key"?

  • If you want to use the ADALM-PLUTO DATV controller to set the parameters of the Pluto, you have to send the OBS data to the Pluto via UDP stream. Above you can see what has to be entered in OBD under "Output" "Recording". But what do you have to enter under "Stream" in the line "Server" and "Stream Key"?

    In my case nothing because I am not using streaming or recording. I am using the virtual webcam output and converting that with ffmpeg in a batch file.


  • I would like to use OBS to encode H265 video to stream to my Pluto. I have read the many helpful posts on this forum but my lack of technical knowledge means that I am unable to fully comprehend all aspects.

    My computer has an i5 10th generation processor and a GTX1560 Super GPU card (which is eminently capable of encoding H256). I am using the latest OBS 26.0.2 (NB this now incorporates Virtual Camera).

    My Pluto, rev B, is loaded with Evariste's wonderful Beta for the Brave firmware.

    I have followed Evariste's instructions and managed to get the Pluto transmitting using the OBS x264 encoder setting. I then changed the OBS encoder setting to "Nvidia NVENC H.264 (new)" and again this worked.

    However, the OBS encoder settings do not give the option for H.265, which I want.

    It seems that the Forum provides two work- arounds. One is from Robert, DD4YR, who suggests using the 'Recording' option to send a UDP stream instead of an RMTP stream. The advantage of this is that the OBS 'Recording' settings will facilitate H265 encoding. Unfortunately I cannot read the entries on Robert's screen shot. - Please could you send them in larger format, Robert?

    Te other option is from Mike, G0MJW, who advocates the creation of an ini file for OBS. Mike, I am not clear whther this would be a new ini file or the modification of an existing ini file - there are so many of them!

    As an aside, I have sent a request to OBS for the inclusion of H.265 in the settings.

    73, Russ.

  • Hi Piero, Thank you very much for this! It seems that recording is working. However, I cannot get the Pluto controller page to work. I need to enter my callsign, frequency, symbol rate etc. When I press 'Apply Settings' nothing happens. If I click on 'Save to Flash' and reboot the Pluto, nothing has been saved. I expect I have missed something! Please can you help with that? 73 Russ

  • Hi Piero, Please disregard my last request. Evariste has just replied to my posting on groups.io. My mistake was to click on the html file inside the Pluto package instead of using my browser to enter the URL. Easy when you know how!!

    I am now able to Tx with H265 - across my shack anyway.

    Thank you again.

    73, Russ