IC-7100, SDR-Console, Omnirig

  • Hello everybody,

    I've made up something where I can't really get any further. The SDR Console V3.0.21 runs on an Intel NUC. I use an IC-7100 to transmit. My plan is to use Omnirig to enable the console to be dragged when changing the QRG on the IC-7100 and vice versa. I would like to continue transmitting with the IC-7100 and not with the console. Does anyone have experience with this?

    73, DH2VH

  • Hi,

    plug in your Interface for the CAT-connection computer<>radio. Find out what COM-Port number windows assigned to the interface. Start console. Click VIEW > SELECT , check External Radio > OK, console restarts. Now find EXTERNAL RADIO in the left sidebar. Click "?" , then Omni-Rig, select comport number, rig type and baudrate. Click OK. Click UPCONVERTER and set the offset. There is a help. OK.

    Now you should see the frequency in the sidebar. Click PLAY ">" button and the TRACK button. You are ready to go.

    Good luck

    73, Martin

    Doesn't work? Don't hesitate to ask.

  • Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the quick and very helpful answer. The connection was successful. Why it does work if I use the *.ini for IC-7410 (that works) instead of the * .ini for the IC-7100 is another matter. Anyway. It works fine now.

    Vy 73 Volker, DH2VH