AB LNB 01 MTwin = DRO / NO PLL !!!

  • Hello all, this week I took the gamble because I have seen a message that someone modified an AB LNB 01 MSingle for external LO, so I found an affordable AB LNB 01 MTwin from this Estonian eBay seller: https://www.ebay.nl/itm/AB01-U…or-Multifeed/333071390750 I ordered it Monday and it arrived very quick already on Thursday in The Netherlands!

    After opening it up sadly I was disappointed, this is not a PLL-version (*) but an DRO-version as You can see it on the pictures ;(

    73 de Frank PH2M

    (*) It was never mentioned in any advertisement or at the eBay site that the AB LNB 01 MTwin was a PLL-version ( I just hoped so for this very nice price and affordable FAST shipment ;(

  • PH2M Frank that is the same design like venton dual lnb.. I think this is handled under different brand names..:thumbdown:

    Yes indeed Heiner, I have seen pictures of the Quad Venton being a DRO-LNB, but also last week I did find an article somewhere about modifying a AB LNB 01 MSingle (and that was a PLL !) So I took the gamble ordering this one :'(