LNB: Current Usable Ones with PLL for NB Transponder

  • Thanks for moving my question to this thread that I did not find...

    The Opticum is an idea, the horn has to be removed b a saw to use a 20/22mm fitting to bring it to the POTY.

    It's for a friend that I cannot visit for known reason. So I give him an idea what to order that will work.

    My station is fine.

    Because he has a vy good HF rig I asked for a "special" bandpass as well (28MHz IF is not a good idea). But this is an other topic.

    Opticum LTP04H would work by SDR-Console's beacon tracking I guess? Then this would be a good starting point.

    Dish, POTY+LNB.

    Transmit will be done in a second step.

    73 Mike