SDR Console from Simon

  • Now i finally found the time to take a look at Simons drift correction approach and it works really good as long as the psk beacon is stable and available ;)

    The PC running SDR Console needs a not too old CPU, with a dual core Pentium t4300 it runs smooth.

    So finally no more need for modified LNBs :)

    But still the LNBs with "wobbling" won't work satisfying on that solution.

    vy73s DB8TF

  • DB8TF ok cause Flo..that is true.. the main issue is when someone do a recommendation for an LNB and you order never know whether you get the same version like in the recomendation when you receive it.. the market is changing so quick.. and the people dealing with this do not know what we need here.. we are not mainstream..mainstream is time..and turnover.. not to produce a product over a long time to a fixed specification... that is the world we are living in.. forced by profit and markets...?(

  • Hello everybody, I need help. SDR Console does start but does not work with my RTL dongle. I got it once running. But on another day it doesn't. I installed, reinstalled Zadig drivers (as user and as admin and so on), same with SDR Console. Cleaned Appdata path, registry ...

    When I open SDR console, I can choose the device and Console starts. But no waterfall, no sound, nothing. When I close SDR Console, it does not close. I have to terminate it. It even crashes when I press the "stop" button.

    Hardware is OK, CubicSDR works fine. What is going wrong here?