Revised QO-100 DATV Bandplan - Please Read

  • On Wednesdays (UTC time), experimenters are encouraged to try other modes – perhaps 6 MS using the whole transponder for brief (less than 10 minute) periods. It is essential that users announce their plans on the chat room page, and always monitor it.

    That's almost like You would mention me. Thank You :)

    My only comment, there should be an easily editable page (like wiki) on WB monitor (<div> periodic grabbing from wiki?) where we can announce our next activities. Many like to see 6M test for example, but it requires that for this 5 minutes everybody stop TX. There is no problem doing that at 2 a.m. but also there is no point to do that in that time.
    It would be better to just inform others, that everyone can enjoy this 5 minutes without delays for contacting "that last one not reading chat frequently".

    Also really valuable content like Renny PE1ASH videos should be aired within schedule.

  • I would like to recommend an update of the latest QO-100 band plan, regarding the WB transponder, in the WIDE & NARROW DATV portion.

    To avoid wasting precious space, or even disturbing the beacon, the center frequencies for 1.5M 2M channels should be specified.

    Those indicated for 1M, 1.5M and 2M are only suitable for 1M channels.

    For 1.5M & 2M, only two possible channels should be indicated.

    If the frequencies indicated by the band plan are used to transmit at 2M or 1.5M, and in particular for CH No 1, at 10493.25 MHz it is transmitted to the beacon, causing disturbance.

    If you transmit at 2M, on CH No 2, at 10494.750 MHz, all three 1M channels are occupied, while only 2 could be occupied by moving to the right of the WIDE & NARROW DATV, leaving a 1M CH 1 free.

    If you transmit at 2M on CH 3 at 10496.25 MHz, the NARROW DATV portion is invaded.

    Rocco IK8XLD