Amsat Universal RX Mixer feed-through capacitor

  • I bought the Universal RX Mixer and assembled it/put it in an enclosure while at my /p location during an easter vacation. I would have liked to find a feed through capacitor in the kit. If you - like many here - are not well equipped with parts, you need to order one . Reichelt doesn't have them, Pollin does. So why not include one in the kit and therefore raise the price to -say- 179.00€ ?

    I sure would have paid that extra 50Cent. It saves an order.

    73, Martin

  • Hallo Martin

    I found a feed through capacitor in my "junkbox". That you do not hurt the wire, you can break the edges of the hole with a larger drill pin. With a feed through capacitor there is a danger that the wire can break in the soldered point with time. A feeded through wire with good rubber insulation is more flexible I think.