new version Minitioune V0.9.9.1

  • Hi Lucio,

    My main question is not about the solution, we should be able to use different codec, I have tried LAV, Cyberlink, Elecard, MainConcept ... but this search is just a way to find a temporary solution to a problem, but the problem still exist. Some codec can work better on some PC because the graphic card, the CPU etc.. and other codec could be better on another PC . So you have a temporary solution that works on your PC, you have medicine for a disease, but the disease is still there.

    My main question is why the TS received from the Beacon has very bad PCR accuracy when I analyze it.


    Jean-Pierre F6DZP

  • @Jean-Pierre F6DZP I do not understand in the DATV vivadatv site many errors pr la password, some om asked for help from me !!! I can't do anything many ask me for PWD error, Jean-Pierre solve the problem ask for the new program the download I can't .....

    this is my answer some OM ...

    For the Scan & Tioune Minitioune v0-9-9-1 program it is not easy to download the author does not allow making copies must be registered on the site also wanting to pass the program I go against the rules of the author, I don't want to be rude Jean Pierre 73 Tony ik1hgi

    Nigel Reeve hat fine sir. ive had an account keep on requesting a new password go through the motion to get a new password but the email nver comes in my inbox any help on this matter would help me regards Nigel-2e0ehh

    Tanan Rangseeprom please help me for link to download install file Minitioune V0.9.9.1

  • Hallo Lucio,

    unfortunatly I do have the same prolem as DL5RDI:

    even if I am logged in in the vivadatv site I get an error when trying to download the software...can you send me the file via Email ?

    Thanks for your help

    73 Walter

  • Lucio,

    Could you delete this link and the file on your drive.

    Look at the license, you are not allowed to create and share this link.

    This Amsat-dl Forum also is not allowed to prose a link to download Minitioune.

    Since 10 years I have created this software, never an OM has done that.

    Please respect my work.

    I give it free for download.

    For many reason I need to keep the hand on download

    - I answer most of mail about Minitioune, do do the maintenance I need to now exactly which version can be download.

    -Some function of Minitioune work only if you are registered to VivaDATV forum (TiouneMonitor) , so if people can download Minitioune they must be registered and, download ing from Vivadatv I am sure the version they get. I don't want to spend my time to answer to people that cannot make their Tioune Monitor working.

    - If I correct a bug, and change with a new version, I don't want that people could download and old version and makes me difficulties to maintain.

    - I am the creator of this software and and it.

    I ask to administrator of this forum to delete this link.

    Thank You.

    To DK1ZA


    even if I am logged in in the vivadatv site I get an error when trying to download the software

    After many test, I am quasi sure that you are not asking to download well when you are logged:

    When you are logged, you search in the index titles the part "Software useful for DATV" and "Download section" and you have all versions of Minitioune and Scan&Tioune you want.

    If you are just logged and use an external link to go directly to the Minitioune download post, you will not be recognized as logged, because you link can correspond to another logging session that is not logged.

    For people that cannot register or have lost their password, just send me a direct mail (my call sign at and i help you.

    Jean-Pierre F6DZP

  • Dear Jean Pierre,

    Sorry, it definitly was my fault. Next time I will be more patient before asking.

    Meanwhile I have tested and am absolutly enthusiastic about the new release!

    Thanks for all your outstanding work.

    vy73 Walter, dk1za

  • I think there is a wide problem with emails not being delivered or flagged as spam, especially when containing words like password or sent from suspicious email domains like btinternet. Maybe another way of registering would be to allocate a default password which then has to be changed?


  • here it is finished Minitioune now only to assemble the display I don't understand the configuration but in time

    73 IK1HGI Tony

    Attention help thanks Attention help thanks

    hello I was told on my MiniTiouner V2 box what are all those leds for? I was not sure I could answer some information about the 8 LEDs shown in the scheme ! what do you use thanks (on the left side are the leds on, video hook x two)

  • hello but it seems strange !!! something is wrong with me !!! who tried to enter with ik1hgi on the DAVI Viva site and I cannot enter as I have always done for 2 years, someone made fun of me with my name to enter the JanPier site, how should I behave that I cannot enter anymore thanks no longer allows me to enatra that I have exceeded the number of entries

    73 ik1hgi Tony