USB dropouts

  • My Pluto continues to drop the USB port when anything is switched on the mains.
    All equipment is properly grounded.
    I modified the Pluto ground system as proposed in many places (shorted isolation filter coil) and made a common ground for all systems in the shack, but nothing seems to improve.

    Any suggestions to solve this ?



  • Morgen Jack

    Een kleine tip...

    Ook doet de kwaliteit van de usbkabel er veeeeel toe...spreek uit ervaring hihi

    Heb er nu 1 tussen met 2 stuks feriet en de pluto werkt sinds dien uit de kunst

    btw...waar vind ik iets over de besproken modifikatie???



  • PA3AXO

    The problem is most likely caused by common mode transients. So it's best, as on7kec already mentioned, to have ferrite cores on the cables to/from Pluto.

    This applies not only to USB, but also to Rx, Tx and if existing the external clock input.

    And if that does not help yet, you have to think about RF-transformers with galvanic isolation.

    Good luck,