RS-15 active?

  • Hi

    I need some help to observe the RS-15 satellite. As we know, the beacon is still transmitting. Sometimes a simple carrier, sometimes some beep digits.

    Before I explain my experience, I have to say I have a noisefloor of absolutely zero due me qth out in to the countryside.

    Anyway, today the beacon was very strong and I tried to transmit on the 2m Uplink some CW signs. I guess I could hear some parts of my own signal. During the transmitting period I changed very slow my frequency and the tone of the downlink changed as well. Maybe I´m wrong but I tried that some times and the result was the same.

    I do have a good receiver for 10m but my 2m uplink was only 50Watt into a K5OE eggbeater.

    I´m looking for someone with a strong 2m uplink to try this out. One again, maybe I´m wrong but I guess the transponder is working at the first 15 KHz, but extremely weak.

    I there anyone out, the do some research as well?

    Could that happen?

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  • Just as a reference - I was using RS15 (and its ancessors) during the "good old times" - in the old days just 25W on a 1/4 groundplane was more than sufficient to work the RS birds on the uplink.

    But this might be different now of course.

    Keep us informed about the progress.

    73, Oscar

  • Hi

    Yes in 1995 I used a HB9VC and 20 Watt as well. Maybe the final amp at the RS-15 is broken, or it has to less power (that´s what I think), or the receiver of the satellite has some problems.

    I´ll upgrade my downlink Antenne. Actually I´m using a FB-33 with Azimut only. I guess I have to use a 4el monbander with pre-amp and elevation. Than let´s see what happen. But we need somebody with a strong uplink as well. Let figure this out.

  • I guess I have to try WSPR. Actually I´m not very familiar with that mode. My HF receivers are not connected to the PC yet. I´ll try the next days or weeks. Maybe someone else can try JT4 on RS15 as well.

    If we can see a transmitted signal at the downlink we have a final answer.

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  • Why do you not simply test with CW morse code ?

  • Hi,

    my Name is Manuel and i am observing the RS-15 beacon since a couple of days. ( I am a rookie, QRV via Leo-Sats since May) I found this thread during investigations of RS-15 ;) By the way, Alex, we had already QSOs via AO-7 and AO-29! Now i read about your experience that the transponder might be active and i am curious now. I have X-Quad Yagis RHCP and 250 Watt on 2m, so when you think it is sufficient power, we could try it!