GNURadio for DTV

  • Hello George,

    Good idea to start to play with GNURadio, a fantastic tools for our hobby.

    I had a look at your grc flow-graph and I have seen that you are using a TS file from Ron (adv16apsk910.ts) which as been recorded for a transmission for a 16apsk modulation, SR 5000 and a FEC 9/10. With your configuration QPSK, SR 33 and FEC 9/10 you have a TS bit rate available of around 59 Kb/s and you are feeding the DVB-S2 modulator with around 17.83 Mb/s... No chance it will work.

    I have made a presentation in 2017 during the DATV Forum at HAMRADIO 2017 of a DATV SDR Experimental TX/RX solution called All-in-one.

    All the configuration files are available on the swissATV web site here :

    I hope this will help you and I am looking forward seeing you on QO-100 with a TX based on GNURadio !

    73 de Michel, hb9dug