Impoliteness on the transponder

  • I started my activity on QO-100 in Feb/2019 with great enthusiasm, I am on satellite operation/experiments since 80's with the Radio Sputink series and a first GEO for Amateur Radio certainly is a huge deflection point, but since several months I am losing interest to be active on the NB SSB, mostly no longer answer CQs and also do not make CQs as used to, the fact is that there is an increasing number of "police" operators that feels in the right to intrude in the middle of a conversation and start talking at the same time, then when you give him the opportunity to talk they come to complain about something: audio, signal level, splatter etc. I always ask the callsign, usually they do not give it but others do, anyway, this is very impolite to start talking and cause interruption on the same frequency when a qso had been already in progress unless it is an emergency, the complains are usually pointless since it was not causing LEILA trigger or affecting adjacent QSOs, with this SDR waterfall fever many does not know how to adjust it correctly and see / amplify things that actually does not exist and wouldn't be noticeable in a normal analog rig, but even though some "police" operators get not satisfied and start generating QRM over the QSO, blowing on the microphone, music, re-transmitting other stations, triggering LEILA on purpose etc. Just as a remembering : not everyone has the opportunity to buy an IC-9700, a super precise SDR or an expensive transverter, even if they do it will need to learn and adjust them first, also others use 100% home brew equipment that may be not as precise as the IC-9700 TX DSP to generate a perfect square in your waterfall, so be civilized, ask to enter in a frequency politely, or wait to the qso to finish and call the other station in a civilized manner or even send an email to avoid pointless discussions on the transponder, I have heard this happening to several stations / QSOs on the transponder (ssb portion) in may occasions, this type of aggressive approach will not contribute to save the transponder in any way.


    Ed PY2RN