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  • Hey,

    Which coax cable can i best use for the connection between pa (china 8wtts) and the poty....max 5mtrs


    Welches coax Kabel kan ich am besten verwenden zwischen meinen pa (china 8wtts) und poty?....max 5mtr


    ON7KEC - Luc

  • Hi Luc,

    the cable will always be a compromise between attenuation and minimum bending radius of the cable, i.e. the cable type depends on your possible mechanical setup.

    I use Aircell 5 which has a minimum bending radius of 25 mm (for bending once, i.e. a fixed dinstallation) but an attenuation of 0.5 dB/m ( less than 3dB for your setup).

    If you can manage to install a cable with a bending radius of 40mm, then Ecoflex10 would have approx. half the attenuation of Aircell 5.

    If you go for a even thicker cable, let's say Ecoflex15, you could get the attenuation down to 0.16 dB/m, but the minimum bending radius is 70mm, which is pretty unhandy.

    What s your exact setup? Do you really need to have that length of cable between PA and POTY, or could you place the PA closer to the antenna and run a longer cable between the PA and the TRX/Transverter? If the output of the TRX/transverter exceeds the minimum required input power of the PA, it might be better to put the cable loss in your link budget there.

    I have connected my feed to a transverter with 0.5m of Aircell 5, and then run 5m RG58 from my 70cm TRX to the transverter. Thus I have most of the output power at the antenna, RF cable diameter is 5mm everywhere, the cables are cheap and flexible for my semi-permanent setup.

    73 Jens HB9EKO

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  • Morning,

    Tks for info.


    i dont need the 5mtr its the max that i need,after 5 mtr i am in the shack and can place the transverter and pa inside..

    Buth i wil be place the pa/transverter behind the dish so i need only 1,5/2mtr cable.

    Later i wil be replace the transverter with my pluto.


    Luc ON7KEC

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    My personal rule of thumb is 1dB max between PA and feed.. (and don't forget the 0.1dB per connector). So for 5m on 2.4 GHz (0.8dB cable attenuation), I would therefore use Hyperflex 5 (42.5dB/100m @2.4G) up to 1.9m and for longer runs Hyperflex 10 (21.8dB/100m @2.4G), so about 4m max. But as HB9EKO says, it will always be a tradeoff. Your mileage will vary..

    Most important: don't try to save money on the connectors, always use the approved connectors for any coax cable.

  • My personal rule of thumb is 1dB max between PA and feed.. (and don't forget the 0.1dB per connector).

    That’s why I’m using Hyperfex 13 .5” it has 1 DB @ 6m and it’s flexible compared to the Andrew 1/2 “ heliax.

    I prefer the electronics to be inside for weather protection – inspection and easy modifications with the penalty of more losses in the coaxial line.

    73s Alex