problems with sglabs Transverter

  • hello, I have a problem with the sglabs transvertert with pa,if I tested my new setup,If I push PTT ,the led for output on the transverter is going to red, then I tested only the transverter on the antena,also the output led is going to red.

    the swr of my antena is 1,02 !! has anyone an idea what iss wrong?

  • You should provide some details.

    How much UHF power do you get into the transverter?

    LED input: You have adjusted the TX POWER trimmer on the transverter to have the Green LED.

    To have these conditions you must have a UHF carrier applied to the transverter.

    You can either adjust the output power on the transmitter or adjust the TX POWER trimmer on the transverter until the LED turns green. Never exceed 5 watts of UHF driving.

  • The orange Input LED means that driving is low. If the output on the transmitter is fixed then you must adjust the TX Power trimmer on the transverter until the LED turns green.

    The red output LED means Hight Output SWR

    The meaning of the LED colors is specified in the SG-LAB manual.

    Pay attention, then, to which version your PA SG-LAB belongs. There are three versions of PA SG-LAB.

    These PAs are the same as regards the output but they are different as regards the input power. In any case, you will still need to insert an attenuator between the Transverter and the PA.

  • Have you tried with a dummy load directly connected to the transverter? Your antenna may have had VSWR 1.02 in the past but maybe something broke. Also have a close look on the cable.