BREAKING NEWS: Special event on QO-100 on Saturday, June 27th, at 12:45 UTC after the movie presentation

  • + + + BREAKING NEWS: Special event on QO-100 on Saturday, June 27th, at 12:45 UTC following the presentation of the movie about my DXpedition on YouTube during the HAMRADIOnline AND introduction of a SPECIAL AWARD (called "WAC" = Worked all Charly ;)) in connection with all the activities during and after my DXpedition. The award is for free (will be send by email as a PDF) and the rules for it are as follows, please look for some pictures on my updated page at DK3ZL.

    To apply for it you need to send me ONLY an email with the dates of your contacts with my special call signs and the mentioned stations who supported me. Even people only listening on the Web-SDR in the internet (I call them Giga Wave Listeners = GWL) are invited to participate. They should send me the detailed information about QSOs between the special call signs and other hams they listened to. There are 3 classes: Bronze, Silver and Gold depending on how many stations you have talked/listened to.

    My trip has come to a happy end with my safe return to Germany on March 19th. BUT a lot of new stations now on QO-100 told me in several QSOs that they missed the opportunity to talk with me and the other stations because they started with their activity after my return. So I decided to find a solution AND I have found one: the upcoming event is especially for all these new stations which started with QSOs AFTER March 19th, so they have one more chance and can perhaps apply for my award! Please try to be on QO-100 on Saturday at 12:45 UTC and listen to whats going on.

    It would be very kind if stations who have worked me during my trip could stay behind for about one hour and give all the new ones a chance for a QSO in the probably big pile-ups. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! for your understanding.

    You all will see that we have some very interesting call signs on the frequencies and even two brand new call signs which haven't been on the bird at all. These are very special, but NO new DXCC and NO new locators, but ......... stay tuned.

    The secret will be lifted on Saturday. I hope we'll have a lot of fun.

    73 de Charly DK3ZL