Dish for QO-100 Mesh/Solid/Fiberglass

  • Hi All

    First time poster here, I am hoping to be active on QO-100 soon, I placed an order for a 1.2m Solid Dish from my local supplier but after the order they came back and said they have no stock,

    The offered a 1.2m Mesh dish in it's place would this work as good as a solid dish, They also have a 1m fiberglass dish and a 1m solid dish, what would be the best option of those,

    I am hoping to run a Pluto at about 5-10w output with a POTY antenna with a QRO.CZ LNB




  • EI2GLB Trevor do not use a mash dish. for 13cm that is ok but normaly not for 10Ghz. It should be a solid one for use. Whether fiber or metall is a question what you want to spend and weight. with 1m size it should be ok. So I recommend if you want to have it quickly go with the 1m solid one.

  • do not use a mash dish

    not in any case!

    There are fine mesh dishes wo are also suitable for 10 GHz.

    We have to take a look at the product that was offered.

    Do you have any technical data from this mesh dish offere?


  • :-)

    Thats what i thought,

    this dish is useful for your project.

    The mesh is fine enough and usable for 10 GHz., 2,4 GHz in any case.

    Also usable for DATV ....

    take it...

    73´s de Robert

  • Just a general note on the mesh dish: they will be more lightweight but have little to no advantage in terms of windload. The holes are too small to actually be transparent to the wind but small enough to work for RF.

  • Thanks for the reply, I didn't like the look of the mesh dish when I went to collect it (holes seems quiet large), so I took a 1m solid dish instead, I hope the reduced gain of the smaller dish will not be an issue,




  • You should be easily triggering LEILA, so pay attention to your signal level and back off the power. WIth this kind of PA you should have a nice clean linear signal without splattering.. much appreciated!

  • I was sending DATV last night with 15W and a 1m dish. Don't think because you are QRP you can't play. While you can't send 4K video in a 1MS transport stream with such low EIRP you can send perfectly viable video at low symbol rates.


  • Im looking forward to even being able to RX QO-100 so DATV is a bit advanced for me yet,

    Thanks again for the replies I will make sure I am not causing any alarms or QRM when I get going,