QO-100 I0LYL Version

  • The receiving part of QO-100 was ready when the satellite was still on the ground. I planned two different setups. The first for the fixed station and a second one for the operations in /portable.

    In the fixed QTH I mounted two antennas; 1 meter dish for the RX (Octagon TWIN LNB) and a second 85 cm dish for the TX, 4 turns Helix antenna.

    All the equipment is mounted in the house and the antennas are 22 meters away. This is a choice made later, after checking the satellite in orbit. Everything is naturally ready to go directly under the antennas but at the moment it is not needed.

    Some photos that give the idea. In the future I'll put the photos of the second setup not ready yet.


    All the holes in the case, the mechanical works, were made by my friend Pino, IK0SMG. :)

  • Ciao Lucio , ottima realizzazione ... pulita e funzionale.

    Certo che 22 metri sono un pò tanti ... che cavo utilizzi?


    Stefano IW5BT

    Hi Lucio, excellent realization ... clean and functional.

    Of course 22 meters are a little bit ... what cable do you use?


    Stefano IW5BT

  • Nice object. Congratulations for the project, and for Pino.


  • Thank you all for the comments.

    the cable is H100 and the amplifier is underpowered, everything is set to have a maximum of 3 Watts at the antenna. Less than 10 Watts come out of the house. I know it is not ideal to drop the cable with more than half the power but also in the IF there is a waste of energy. The advantage of having everything at home justifies (perhaps) waste. The system is disassembled in a minute ready to be transported to another site.

    ciao, Lucio