Pluto.php. Modified and updated for new DATV channels and other features (IS0GRB)

  • Excellent news Roberto. Seems to work !

    About embeded encoder : I have a proof of concept using a 10 Euros usb dongle HDMI input . I can encode mpeg-2 at SD (720x576) abd even H264 SD (with worst encoding quality). It could be helpfull to portable as no PC is required.

    About x265, I could add it , but doubt that PLuto could do more than CIF (352x288)...I could add it if any interest.

    About udp and tcp port...Yes we can add parameter for that (but need to add it on web interface and fw_setenv). Furthermore, right now, udp and rtmp are running in pararalel. We could optimize that with an other parameter which set the mode we wan,t to run.



  • Hello Evariste and Roberto. I can appreciate all the work you are doing, but can I ask, for those of us that are not programmers that are using an external box to do H265 rather than using a video card on the PC, what do we need to do to update to the latest version and test the capabilities of the update. What has changed, it would be nice to assist in any way one can even if just with testing.?

    Hope you do not mind explaining.


  • Hi Evariste, there are problems with today's firmware version.

    In the processes after activating the data flow the cpu after a few seconds drops to 10% with an occupation of 90% .., about 50% is occupied by pluto_dvb and sometimes after a few minutes it freezes .

    In the version of 1908 dropped to a maximum of 30%, and it was already a lot, but now it is impossible to transmit correctly as it jerks due to the few resources, with the top command you will see the decrease in the cpu at the top.


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hello Evariste and Roberto. I can appreciate all the work you are doing, but can I ask, for those of us that are not programmers that are using an external box to do H265 rather than using a video card on the PC, what do we need to do to update to the latest version and test the capabilities of the update. What has changed, it would be nice to assist in any way one can even if just with testing.?

    Hope you do not mind explaining.


    Hello Adrian, i let Evariste to answer you, but he's probably busy.

    With the new alpha version of the firmware in the box h265 section you can set more parameters as you have seen compared to the previous one.

    This implementation had been made in the past by Colin G4EML on April, 24th 2020 and i resumed in my current modification as interesting and also not to lose the work done by other colleagues.

    In the parameters you can select the type of codec, whether or not to activate the audio and the ability to select the audio input of the box, Line or HDMI.

    In the new pluto.php page you will notice the easier power adjustment with 0.1dB steps, useful for those with high power amplifiers, the new DATV channels based on the band plan of the BATC wiki page, the DATV downlink frequency for each channel and in the top the link for the WB Band Plan.

    For the rest Evariste is also doing some implementations on my suggestions and debugging that i have done, but in the actual 2108 alpha version released today there are some problems in the TX that jerks due to low cpu values.
    I think it will solve shortly

    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Thank you Roberto for your response it is appreciated, I have read the odd comment in the past about using USB hubs etc and copying files from location to location.

    When i read this thread the other day I noticed you are now using a version 0.32 of Pluto firmware so that will be something I can at least look for and download ready to install.

    As I say it is good to be able to test and report back if one finds issues or has success. I will await a beta version and upgrade at that point, the new band-plan in the Pluto would make operation easier. I hope we can converse at some point via DATV.

    Many thanks to you all for the continued development.



  • Hello Adrian, i confirm that the new firmware version of Evariste is based on the 0.32 of Adalm and therefore has several advantages and new commands including the possibility of having a partition to statically write files, in this way it is possible to make changes without recompiling the firmware entirely.
    I will be happy to meet you in DATV, i think soon


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Good afternoon, with great pleasure i announce the new alpha release "2208" of Evariste F5OEO, he asked me if I could communicate it since he is busy.

    It should have fixed the problems you encountered in release "2108" and incorporated into the new implementations i made on the pluto.php page.

    The implementations are as follows:

    1. Inserted the LO transverter parameter so that the freq set on the bPluto adapts to the setting for a transverter.

    You can select the major LOs from SG-Lab and DXPatrol

    2. Inserted the possibility to modify the name of the DVB provider (max 12 characters), useful for example if the

    Pluto is inserted in a DVB repeater with 2-3 channels. The output will be (fwversion_providername),

    example: 1908_IS0GRB_HAMTV

    3. Inserted the indication of the firmware installed on the Pluto; it was always necessary to remember

    In attach the screenshot of the pluto.php as it appears without selecting a Transverter / Converter and with selection of the LO frequency.

    Now anyone who uses Pluto with a DATV repeater is able to set the DVB Program Name

    The alpha 2208 is here:

    Being an alpha version it needs to be tested properly; any problem can be reported to Evariste or even to me

    As always, thanks to Evariste for his availability and passion


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hello Roberto,

    I don't see the LO transverter parameter (2208) ... maybe the last mods by Christian F5UII have broken pluto.php...

    A nice addition will be a free field to enter the LO to cover the non-standard transverter like mine... :love:

    73 qro de michel, hb9dug

  • Hi Michel try downloading the firmware again. You should see it.

    There is however a small bug in the form that i corrected and commissioned to Evariste. It will be corrected soon.

    Regarding the custom field i will insert it, it's a good idea.

    Many thanks

    73 Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hello Michel HB9DUG i have just finished the development of the modification of the transverter LO, now it is also possible to manually enter the frequency if not in list. I worked all night on this implementation and now it's ready

    I have done all the possible tests and more times, the javascript inserted in the pluto.php page carry out the subtractions and the combinations of the selections correctly.

    There should be no problem.

    I sent to Evariste the changes made that he will presumably carry out tomorrow in the next firmware, in the meantime i am sending you the file, so that you can update immediately.

    Just upload the file via the pluto.php page, wait for it to load and at the end refresh the pluto.php page, you should have available the new modification of the transverter LO frequency.

    At the suggestion of Saro VU3OBR i have also already included the frequencies of the Satcom upconverter in the list.

    Good day


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hello Roberto may I ask,

    When I ssh into the Pluto such as root@ I am not finding config.txt to change the IP of the unit via the USB to Ethernet adaptor.

    I can find config.txt in the /opt directory but when I edit with nano and change the lines

    ipaddr_eth =
    netmask_eth =

    to be

    ipaddr_eth =
    netmask_eth =

    and save the file, it is not used on reboot and everything goes back to dhcp settings again.

    So where is the config file to edit now stored? I am trying to keep the IP address of pluto off the routers dhcp service and using a static IP address.

    I have updated to firmware 0.32 and installed the pluto.frm all OK.

    Hope you can help.


  • Hello Adrian, i confirm it is in /opt

    You can follow this guide:…s/pluto/users/customizing

    The simplest way without going into the details of the mechanism with which the Pluto saves the parameters is this

    1- From computer resources on the D: or E: disk of the Pluto you will find the config.txt file

    2- Edit it with the notepad and save it

    3- Eject then the Pluto with the remove hardware icon present near the system clock and after a few seconds the disk relating to the Pluto will reappear.
    4- From the command line you can now give the " reboot " command or switch the Pluto OFF and ON again, it should have kept the settings you entered.

    In attach my screenshoot before and after the modification


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Unfortunately I have the Pluto in a box outside very close to my dish so access to it is generally via SSH. I did have to remove it and update using the drive option, but in Linux and that worked OK.

    If I change the file it does change it and I can read it back but does not seem to be permanent when I reboot Pluto with reboot now, it just goes back to default, I will look further into permissions.

    If necessary I will remove again and edit as a disk.