Pluto.php. Modified and updated for new DATV channels and other features (IS0GRB)

  • Hello everybody,

    I have found the cause of the irregular behavior in the frequency transfer: My brain: operating errors ....

    If the entry for Transverter LO is not set to No TRV (e.g. Custom) then a value must also be entered, otherwise there is no frequency to take over ....

    I just overlooked it.

    My mistake...

    Sorry for the effort I put in ...

    73's de Robert

  • Thanks to Evariste and the various contributors to the 2808 version which works like a charm. A wish , Keep It Simple and Stupid (KISS) so we don't end up with a GUI crowded with too many options... is there for these additional options.

    Just an example, we have the BATC Spectrum but now we have a button to disable it... ;)

    73 qro de michel, hb9dug

  • The update via web does nothing more than copy the file pluto.frm into the Pluto and send the Pluto a reset command, whereby the Pluto installs the firmware independently. This only automates the manual handling of the update. It couldn't be easier and a newcomer should be able to do that too, hi

  • Question in case it is just my PC. I notice that after disabling the spectrum, any button press such as select frequency and press "Apply settings" the spectrum comes back and has to be disabled again. Is this happening with others or just mine?



  • with the suggestion of Roberto IS0GRB made direct copy fast system to load firm.xxxx new

    always the honors of roberto for the information received

    73 ik1hgi Tony

  • Ok thanks for letting me know, I sometimes wonder if it is my finger trouble, browser, linux etc. It makes it difficult to operate in a section of the monitor screen, I am sure it will be come a set and forget option soon.

    It is good that ideas are being presented and there are developers that can, good wishes to you all.



  • For G8UGD's and DD0CW 's request and who interested, this is the patch that "Save SpectrumView button state" and also "show how much are loaded", in order to understand without remembering if a has been loaded before and delete it if necessary.

    Even Evariste F5OEO agrees that everyone should be able to disable the spectrum if not necessary.

    Just upload it via the upload form at the bottom of the pluto.php page and you will have the change immediately.

    IMPORTANT: Remember to delete the file before upgrade to the next complete firmware


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • I believe that mod to make the unit "On-Air" is a requirement of those wishing to use the Pluto without a computer but putting out a signal when when powered up. So useful for the portable guys. There was a post about it on the forum some time ago, I forget the title of the thread.

    Thanks for the update in the firmware regarding disabling the spectrum, I mentioned that to F5UII a few days ago, if you are using the PlutoSDR for 70cms or for 23cms etc from home you will also be typically connected to the internet some times to arrange comms or use Skype etc as talkback, in these situations the Spectrum is not wanted as it could be a distraction, or simply taking bandwidth from a slow connection etc.

    I am very grateful for the people developing the software and can appreciate that it is generally QO-100 that is driving the updates, modifications and general thinking. The satellite is probably the greatest driver for Amateur TV going at present. So don't mind the gripes every now and then, from this end I really do appreciate the people that can, and are doing the software for it.



  • Hello to all,

    The next version including the spectrum masking but also the possibility to drive a minitiouner will be released soon... Here a demo in video

    Don't forget that it is a short circuit development... I mean there can always be bugs and omissions.

    Don't hesitate to share your comments and wishes... A blog page available for this purpose .

  • Good morning DD0CW and G8UGD

    It was not easy to carry out this implementation, as the modulator is currently started automatically by the system and not through the button of the pluto.php page, which instead only checks the status after the start and indicates it on the screen.

    We had to coordinate with Evariste F5OEO to make sure that at startup it now checks a parameter that will be written in settings.txt via pluto.php.

    In this way you will be able to choose whether to start it ON or OFF.

    The system also memorises the selection status to present it on the screen after reload

    I can't give you a because Evariste has made some other changes in his scripts.

    You will find the implementation in the next firmware.

    I hope you are satisfied with the change. Now you should no longer have problems with unwanted transmissions

    See the example attached


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • This integrates the "QO-100 WB Multi Quick Tune" tool!


  • But I have one more, and like I think, vy important wish:

    Sometimes it happens that you start the controller and you are already "ON AIR".

    Could you change the PLUTO.PHP so that it starts always with the "STAND BY" status ?

    This would be very usefull to prevent unintended TXing and collision on the transponder.

    It would be a good idea to the choice when possible.

    If the state of PTT switch ON or OFF could be stored with

    Save for next reboot

    Warning : In order to write permanently, you need first to apply setting then Save to flash.

    could be a solution? Just as an idea. Pluto comes up with the saved state.

    Anyway, it's progressing and it's awesome.