Pluto.php. Modified and updated for new DATV channels and other features (IS0GRB)

  • Personally I would hope to never reboot Pluto with power to the PA system, but if it gives the options for home use and for portable use then it must be a good option.

    Perhaps the settings.txt could be used to store many configuration options in the future such as the Minitiouner control and other future enhancements.

    Question as I have not used any of the patches, but can I ask do they survive a reboot or power down back up again? Is there a how-to in making a patch, one I looked at had pluto.php saved in the /www directory and all saved in pluto.frm which was all in If that makes sense?

    Again thanks for the hard work.

    And a question where perhaps you need pm me, is there a donation to all contributors, I used to donate to Evariste when he was doing all the work, now there seems to be a team effort?


  • Have a PTT in the page where you see the analysis of the TS. Once set up that's where you want to be - or even have the analysis on the same page as the settings that influence it.

    Hi Michael, sorry for the delay, i didn't forget, but i was working on other things that was faster to implement.

    I have prepared the change you asked for, the PTT on the analysis page.

    I have tested it and it works correctly.

    You can load the to have the change immediately, otherwise it will be available in the next firmware as soon as Evariste F5OEO prepares it

    Attached as it looks


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Looks like the link to the latest FW version (2208 or 2209 ?) is broken.

    Anyone else having this problem ?

    I'd like to try the new FW, I have V0.32 of the ADALM FW already installed.

    Regards Tim

  • Parece que el enlace a la última versión de FW (¿2208 o 2209?) Está roto.

    Alguien más tiene este problema?

    Me gustaría probar el nuevo FW, ya tengo instalado el V0.32 del ADALM FW.

    73,s de Jabi, ea2aru.

  • Good morning i am attaching the link of the latest alpha firmware 2908.

    The F5OEO site looks like hasn't been working for several days so i have shared it on Google Drive.

    It integrates all my changes up to 29/08.

    The following of 30/08, regarding the flag for the choice at the startup of the modulator, feature requested by some of you, have not yet been inserted by the project manager and i don't know what's happening; i delivered them a few days ago.

    If you need the PTT button on the analysis page, you can then load the file referred to in my previous post…A1ulH7pN/view?usp=sharing


    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Hello Jabi,

    I don't know which firmware I am using because I don't see a version number.

    Is there a possibility to read the version number ?

    The link above does not work.

    vy 73 George

  • What happened to the development?

    A week is passed without news and updates.

    The site is down.

    The "click&tune" for the Minitiouner Pro would be an important step forward...


    73 Piero

  • IK1IYU:

    We are talking here about a hobby, not a commercial available and maintained Software....

    Stay cool and make your donation to support and allow further developments.....don´t be rude and force updates.....

    We all have limited spare time and sometimes maybe more important things to do....

  • Hey! I was just asking informations....

    I stay very cool and I HAVE ALREDY MADE MY DONATIONS to Evariste since the very beginning of the project.

    I don't think to have been rude...I know that Evariste is working on another plutosdr implementation.

    So you stay cool, and let me wait a reply from F5OEO or IS0GRB.


    73 Piero