Pre-Amplifier for Pluto, LimeSDR, etc.: surplus Mikom 901-1459

  • Hello folks,

    Last year, long before I had a Pluto, I purchased an unknown amplifier from Poland on Ebay, that was just marked "Mikom MLA 901-1459". Pictures of the front cover show a frequency range of 2439-2576 MHz.

    In the meantime, I have made some measurements and made this amplifier a regular member of my amplification chain. Especially in combination with the new version of the SG-Lab V3 20Watt amplifier the MLA 901-1459 offers a useful tool to use the full power range of the Pluto to drive the SG-Lab PA to its full potential.

    If you enter the "MLA 901-1459" in eBay ou can see that these surplus amplifiers are still available. It is a very well designed and built commercial little amplifier. Perhaps this is a good alternative to the little Chinese amplifiers that usually come without a housing.

    Below are two amplification measurements, one with just the pre-amplifier (MLA 901-1495) and one with the entire system (Pre-Amplifier plus SG-Lab V3. Measurements were made with the SATSAGEN-Software and the Adalm-Pluto. Amplification of the MLA-preamplifier is around 25dB.

    Vy 73

    Holger 'Geri', DK8KW

    P.S.: I am in no way connected to the seller of this surplus equipment, I just want to give some useful hint to people looking for such equipment.

  • Hi Holger, nice litte Pre-AMP.

    Interesting to see that you achieve with 15dBm input to the SG-Lab PA (v3) 43dBm output. So the 16dBm are nearly achieved and the full potential of the PA could be used.

    I will still use my AD CN0417 as it is smaller, direct match with the Pluto (designed for incl. Pand path filter) and have the right power for the SD-Lab PA V3.You found another interesting solution....

  • Hallo,
    please don't talk about power without any information about linearity. Even with a Pluto there is a very useful two tone generator. And with the receiver itself you can have a look to the output spectrum. Use a dummy load and attenuators to feed the signal back to Rx. It is very easy. You can use it as a perfect spectrum analyzer. The absolute power is not important but low intermodulation distortion. It is a good sign to do a sharp limited band in the waterfall display. And it will be estimated from others.