Newbie needs advice

  • Hi, I am brand new to satellites, after 50+ years CW, now 5yrs Data modes it was getting to be same old - same old, so after a little research I've gotten myself an Icom IC-9700, Yaesu G-5500 rotators with GS-232 controller and the M2LeoPack antennas. i am setting up computer()s) and radios and would like advice on using one vs two PC's - i have set up SatPc32 on pC1 controlling my IC-9700 via usb to start. the directions on how to set up then say after it works to switch to some old cable that will control the radio with one way, not two way like with the USB cable, thus freeing up the PC to control the antenna rotators. I have two PC's sitting here, I wonder if would be better to leave the icom via usb to PC1 and use PC2 with Wisat32 running the antenna, i think i would like to have the two way contact with the radio/usb rather than just one way and hope the radio is doing what the pc says. Anybody doing something similar or have an opinion on this? I am brand new and with no satellite experience so not sure what I am doing.

  • hi Joseph,

    welcome to this forum. If I can give you some advice at the beginning you have to do everything with manual control. You will need to manually control the antennas, TX tuning, RX tuning, then manipulate the key or microphone. Check the doppler. All manually and only in this way will you be able to understand all the problems that you will have to face later with the automations. In a way it's like learning to fly a plane. First you learn to fly on sight and then you move on to instrumental flight. This is my humble advice.

    have fun.

  • Hi Joseph,

    1st welcome to magic and the fun of satellites.

    I do agree with Lucio IØLYL.

    My half penny advice,start by one satellite . Read any thing wrote about it .e.g construction,size, power. etc . Use Social Media to gather any info, write on notebook all important details about it.Then start monitoring and tracking its Beacon, for sure after u master all those steps you can call CQ and later go to automazing your station in steps wise, eg Doppler correction,antenna auto tracking etc.

    Enjoy it OM.

    73 de Nader - st2nh