AMSAT-DL Online Satellite Symposium on September 26th, 2020

  • AMSAT-DL Online Symposium
    on September 26th 2020

    Unfortunately, the AMSAT-DL Symposium planned for September 26th and 27th, 2020 cannot take place this year in the usual manner.

    Since the health of everyone is very close to our hearts and the legal framework currently leaves no other option, we have decided not to hold a meeting on site in Bochum this year. We regret this very much, but the premises only allow an occupancy of less than 20 persons.

    A "social" meeting with dinner is unfortunately not possible either, nor is a flea market and other activities, such as the QO-100 User Meeting, which happened for the first time during the HAM Radio Fair in Friedrichshafen in 2019.

    Instead, we will broadcast the symposium as an "online" meeting in DATV via the broadband transponder of QO-100 and on the Internet on the YouTube channel of AMSAT-DL (

    Schedule for September 26th 2020 (all times in CEST=UTC+2):





    Welcome, Introduction, Agenda

    Matthias DD1US


    Interview with the AMSAT-DL Board of Directors:
    Peter DB2OS (Chairman), Michael DD5ER, Thilo DJ5YM

    Matthias DD1US


    Introduction to Bochum Observatory and its Ham Radio activities (in german)

    Thilo DJ5YM


    QO-100 Quick Status Update

    Peter DB2OS


    The ADALM Pluto as part of the AMSAT-DL QO-100 control station in Bochum

    Mario DL5MLO


    Portable station for QO-100 based on the modules of AMSAT-DL

    Matthias DD1US


    Lunch break


    QO-100 DX-pedition to Namibia/South Africa/Botswana

    Charly DK3ZL


    Digital Narrowband Operation via QO-100

    Florian DF2ET


    The AMSAT-DL LunART project proposal to ESA

    Peter DB2OS


    Update of ARISS and AREx activities

    Oliver DG6BCE


    Coffee break


    Reception of the recently launched probes to Mars

    Daniel EA4GPZ, Paul M0EYT, Achim DH2VA


    Final interview with the AMSAT-DL BOD and conclusions:
    Peter DB2OS (Chairman), Michael DD5ER, Thilo DJ5YM

    Matthias DD1US


    Introduction to the virtual QO-100 user meeting

    Matthias DD1US


    Virtual QO-100 user meeting via the QO-100 NB transponder

    Florian DF2ET


    Closing of the symposium and virtual QO-100 user meeting

    Matthias DD1US

    Due to the international audience, most of the lectures will be held in English.

    The current schedule can be found on the AMSAT-DL homepage at

    We would like to invite you all, also on behalf of the AMSAT-DL board, to this year's AMSAT-DL online conference and the virtual QO-100 user meeting.

    Jens DH6BB, Lenz DL8RDL, Florian DF2ET and Matthias DD1US

    Please send any queries to

    Peter Gülzow | DB2OS | AMSAT-DL member since 1983 | JO42VG