Good cop, bad cop...

  • There are many interesting discussions in this forum and you can ask everything. But with a Wiki you can concentrate all the questions, see the BATC-Wiki for example.

    If a newcomer finds no info's then he will work by trial and error. If he finds a Wiki, then the chance is high, that he will operate correctly after his setup.

  • Yes - or go directly to the original homepage. ;)

    All documents and presentations are here since the launch of QO-100. They are in English or bi-lingual in English and German.

    We are trying to keep the page up-to-date. It maybe not perfect, but it's also a lot of work.. we are volunteers and those are the things mostly one person is taking care (me!)... because no other wants to do it either.. I do like Wikis as well, but Wikis are coming and going as well or links just get obsolete and you search again..

    Maybe we need to write a book.. a "A QO-100 Users Manual" made of several chapters.. from the (true) History to the (true) details about the hardware on-board Es'hail-2, link budget, antennas, ground equipment, hardware, software, different solutions, etc...

    Such books were very popular some decades ago, during the P3 era when Internet was not existing.. Maybe nowadays for authors its not more that attractive to invest big amount of time.. I don't know..

    My feeling is, we are in the age of unlimited access to information, but people are even not willing to search them-self or even research how valid and trust-able that information is.. And than we are in the age of self-portrayal, where everyone likes to create his own page, his own wiki, his own Instagram, etc..

    Less and less people are willing to contribute to the community.. I'm sure, if we create a Wiki page on our home page.. it will be again only very few people contributing and even less people crawling through it. Because finding information on a Wiki also requires some kind of research by the person himself...

    I have not given up the idea of a QO-100 book, but than someone also urged me to write my personal "Memoires of AMSAT.." (which I also haven't started yet) ;-)