QO100 JOTA activity in 2020?

  • Hello,

    Last year we used QO100 during Jamboree On The Air (JOTA). We made only a few QSO's but the scouts enjoyed them.

    This year JOTA will be 16-18 october and I am considering setting up the QO100 station again.

    This year, we have Corona restrictions and there will be fewer stations. Additionally, stations doing JOTA may decide not to set up their QO100 station because of lack of space in the scouting hut (distance rules) or less hamradio operators to operate the equipment.

    Still, I am considering setting up the station.

    My question on the forum: will there be other JOTA stations in 2020? Doing the effort makes no sense if there are no other stations to make QSO with.

    Plans can change if Corona restrictions change obviously, and rule changes in PA0 are, eumm, erratic.

    But I only want to do the effort of setup if if there are other JOTA stations planning to become active.

  • Hi,

    Here in my QTH there is a short time tested capability of linking the QO100 station to a VHF/UHF station. This is planned to be used in an emergency. Is JOTA a case that can be used, especially under the COVID19 situation? This is a good case that this capability can be really tested so it will be ready for emergency usage.

  • Update: because of the current Corona-situation in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has come with new struct rules under which doing JOTA is not feasible for us. We will therefore not be active with JOTA on QO100 this year.

    Hopefully next year QO100 will still have TWT's and we will be able to create some activity then. So it goes!