Lime-Mini TX and SDR_Console v3.0.25 64bit

  • Hi all,

    Is anyone else experiencing problems with the Lime-Mini transmit and SDR-Console v3.0.25 64bit? Mine will transmit once but then when I hit the "Transmit" button again nothing happens. The receive carries on functioning. I have to stop and restart the Lime on SDR-Console but then it again only transmits once. "Tone", "Tune" and SSB act in the same manner. I've rolled back to 3.0.19 (unfortunately the last download version I have on file - when will I learn!) and that works OK. I had previously been running 3.0.23 as 3.0.24 apparently already had a known Lime transmit problem. I've checked the Lime's firmware and according to LimeSuite it's up to date and showing FW:6 HW:2 Protocol:1 GW:1.28. PC is an Intel 8th Gen NUC i7-8559U 2.7GHz with 32Gb.

    Chris G4SDG

  • Hi Chris

    TX with a Lime has been broken for some time now. I was hoping that it may have been fixed in the latest release but this would appear not to be the case.

    A work around was to increase the TXdelay in the transmit options

    TX options


    TX Delay

    I changed my TX on to around 40ms and this did help and make it more reliable

    I have not tried my Lime yet with the latest release as went over to a Pluto but I find the Lime RX better than a Pluto .

    Hope this may be of some help.

    73 Keith GU6EFB

  • Thanks Andreas and Keith. As there was no warning on the download page about lack of Lime transmit support as there had been with 3.0.24 I assumed(!) it was resolved but apparently not. A sign of things to come I guess as a quite complicated program copes with more hardware and ever greater functionality. Gone are the days of having the same main station rig for twenty years!

    73 Chris G4SDG

  • Hi Chris,

    I am using a LimeMini together with SDR Console v3.0.25 on a 64 bit Windows 10 system.
    With my system, there is no problem to transmit several times. So I cannot confirm your observation.

    Also I upgraded recently from 3.0.24 to 3.0.25 since I expected better performance of my LimeMini. Unfortunately not much has changed.
    Especially at 2.4 GHz the signal quality is very bad. Carrier and image supression in SSB is only 30 dB below the carrier. "TX Calibrate" helps a little bit, but during the next TX round all is gone and the signal is as bad as it was before.
    BTW, I do not use Transmit Offset Tuning; this help to get a cleaner signal at 2.4 GHz, but you now produce a lot of spurious away from the carrier.
    So honestly, I am considering to use an Adalm Pluto in the future...

    73 Chris DM6CS

  • Hello Chris,

    Over in the SDR-Console forum where I subsequently posted my observation Simon said he was aware that the transmit issue was still present in v25 so it’s interesting that you don’t experience it.

    I find that the receive central spur suppression is poor with the Lime compared to my Funcube dongle despite having adjusted the levels as recommended. I’ve not tried my Pluto on SDR-Console as it’s built into a Langstone along with a Pi but on the next rainy day I might see what it’s like. I’ll look into the Lime transmit a bit more closely than I’ve done previously.

    73 Chris G4SDG