IS0GRB - Pluto DATV Repeater patch v.1.0 - October 16th, 2020

  • Pluto DATV Repeater patch v.1.0 - October 16th, 2020, by Roberto IS0GRB

    This dedicated patch, based on F5OEO firmware v.2908, allows you to create a DATV repeater with Pluto and Octagon SF-8008 decoder.

    It can also be used to retransmit an event in streaming from the Internet, such as a fair, a meeting, etc. locally in a repeater or on QO-100.

    It is necessary to insert the link of the streaming coming from the decoder or from the Internet.

    It also allows you to set an Ethernet Default Gateway when using an USB-Ethernet adapter and to be able to connect the Pluto to the internet, which can be managed from the Internet through a rule on your Internet router.

    I share this project, so that it becomes easier today to make a DATV repeater based on DVB-S / DVB-S2…GcfoA530/view?usp=sharing

    Roberto IS0GRB

  • Some colleague pointed out to me that after uploading the patch they couldn't remove it anymore.

    He later discovered that instead of renaming the patch to "" it was mistakenly renamed to "".

    Sometimes with windows and notepad this can happen because when renaming files it applies a default extension.

    To solve the problem access to the Pluto in SSH using Putty (login: root / pass: analog) and issue this command:

    # rm -f /mnt/jffs2/patch*

    then restart the Pluto with this command:

    # reboot

    You can now reload from the pluto.php page my DATV repeater patch, that add some other features, making sure that it is actually renamed

    Roberto IS0GRB