Pluto Patch : Minitiouner steering, [UII2.3] Multiple modulator profiles

  • Hello,

    Just to announce the latest patch updates to allow the steering of a minitiouner from PlutoDVB (alpha 2908) and the generation of the RMTP URL, which will be able to be copied directly in OBS Studio or Vmix.Nice tests. Your remarks are welcome directly in comments on this page.

  • Christian & Evariste: thanks for your support. FW works so far.

    I would like to have a feature that will prevent the pluto overdriving (by accident) the following amplifiers.

    The "Power (0.1 dB steps) " regulator should get a user defined "max. limit". So you can't go over it by accident.

    What do you think?

    73 Mike

  • I Agree with Mike. To avoid amplifier crash, it's important to define a limit,.

    Also useful a possibility to save a "transmit profile". This is useful to load quickly, parameters for each speed selected.

    (PCR/PTS, PAT, MODE, FEC, Pilots, Base frequency, Modulation, Frame etc) eg Button Save Profile, name file.

    Corresponding to this button another "Load Profile" drop down menu to select the profile, and load automatically saved parameters.


  • Hello Christian,

    Finally today installed the new 21-10 version..

    found your great and long awaited improvements but its not working..

    I have minitiouner express running on same windows 10 PC.

    QO-100 WB live tune works fine..

    have the port en default working..

    Did setup the 2110 witch is straight forward..

    see the message "receive channel change request completed"..

    But nothing happens in minitioune V0.0_9.1h

    what am i doing wrong?

    Best regards


  • I am having similar issues to PA3FBX, but I run everything under Linux, again with a Minitiouner Express, and using a script to drive Longmynd software.

    I believe that it can not be down to using a Minitiouner Express rather than the Pro hardware as you are only sending a message to the software package, Minitiune.

    The first line is from QO-100 WB Multi Quick tune version 0.9b to the Minitiouner software or in this case my script:-


    Unfortunately I am getting no output from the Pluto with the latest alpha software. I am trying to fathom out if this is down to a different operating system or something else such as blocked ports etc. Or my settings.

    I drive direct to the PC's own address, 192,168,1,194 and use port 6789. The gateway is


  • OK I am stumped, I have run from a Windows 10 PC both quicktune and the alpha Pluto version and can not get the new pluto version to work, I have tried Microsoft Edge, and firefox browsers.

    On the Linux machine I am running the following script to monitor port 6789. This is the machine that drives longmynd.

    As I say it can see the string from live tune but not the new Pluto firmware. If anyone can suggest something to either assist in finding an error or point out what I am doing wrong it would be appreciated. I can be contacted via email if required.


  • Hi Adrian...

    If we only understand....

    I am also struggeling but found in the help..."The Pluto must be connected on the same local network,"

    if you, like me, connected the pluto to USB port the pluto works in different network e.g. 192.168.2.x.

    I have not find the workaround...

    check so far the netmask in the pluto and corrected to

    but its not in the pocket yet..

    Need to be smarter...


  • Hello Benno.

    For me it is all via ethernet and all on the same local network of 192.168.1.X, gateway of I had a thought that my router did not allocate the IP address as it is set as a static IP so would not be in the DHCP table, but even after adding them had no luck.

    Think I will go back to the previous alpha version and stick to quicktune/livetune for a while. I am just not clever enough.


  • f5uii

    Changed the title of the thread from “Pluto Patch : Minitiouner steering and RMTP URL copied in clipboard” to “Pluto Patch : Minitiouner steering, [UII2.3] Multiple modulator profiles”.
  • To announce you this time a new patch (UII2.3) which brings these new functions:

    1. Multiple modulator profiles (I worked hard)
    2. Transmission time counter
    3. Internal temperatures
    4. Focus on null packets on the analysis page
    5. Github commits history

    After some days of feedback and then maybe correction, it is likely possible that a complete firmware will be available soon.

    Your remarks and feature ideas are welcome on

  • Great Job Christian, thank you very much for your effort.