Multilanguage support

  • If you have visited the forum for the first time (as a guest) a language selection appears in the menu.

    Here the language of the system is defined and also the default language for the topics and posts.

    As a guest you will only see topics in the respective language... so either "German" or "English", according to the setting.

    After registering, please go to the control center --> Settings --> General:

    now change the language if necessary and (very important!) select both check-marks for the content languages:

    regardless of your system language, you can now see *all* posts again.

    Unfortunately, there is no other easier technical solution, but I hope everyone can handle it.

    Now, when you create a new Thread, please enter the correct Language of the content you want to write. If you write it in english, please select English in the select box, otherwise select german.

    73 Peter