Problem with FT-817 & FT-857 External radio

  • Hi all,

    I already posted the same message on forum three weeks ago and got no answer, so I try on this forum... maybe I'll be more lucky.

    I have a problem with SDR Console when I want to use my FT-817 or my FT-857 with external radio option. I receive the error message "Port busy" and/or "offline". To cancel it and make the external radio working, I have to remove and reinsert two, three times, sometimes more, the USB radio interface. Then it generally starts working BUT, at the same time, I see the CPU activity indicator passing from 2 or 3% to nearly 30% ! I dont understand why. I tested front or back USB ports, same problem. I even bought a powered USB hub, same problem.

    My computer is W7 64 bits, i3 CPU, 4 GB RAM.

    I will appreciate some help trying to solve this problem.

    Many thanks and 73 !

    Denis F6GKQ