Highspeed Multimedia Modem for QO-100

  • On windows 7 this will not work, that was my other problem :)

  • PA1EJO Set "exclusive mode" for your virtual audio cables first.

    Then always start hsmodem before you start sdr-console. That should do the trick. Works with VB-audio cable here (others say, vb-audio cable doesn't work at all, maybe this is the workaround ).

  • EA2ARU There is no Trick. Connect the input of your soundcard to IC9700

    ACC1 , Pin 2 (GND) Pin 5 (Signal).

    OR to Speaker out (not recommended, but will work)

    OR to headphone out (not recommended, but will work)

    Goto hsmodem SETUP, set RX to your soundcard input. Tune your IC9700 RX-frequency until you see the constellation like in post #59 . Follow the instructions in post #59.

    Also, carefully read instructions in your manual about the speaker configuration in chapter [EXT-SP MAIN / EXT-SP SUB] if you connect to your speaker output.

    EDIT: Additionally, check the manual provided by Amsat (see next post) if you want to use USB SOUND features for RX and TX with ICOM Transceivers.

    73, Martin

    • Official Post

    The manual for the AMSAT-DL High Speed Modem Sofware is available below in one PDF file.

    The multimedia high-speed modem is used for fast digital data transmission in a max. 2.7 kHz wide SSB channel as used with the new MM-Beacon on QO-100.

    :!: Manual is here: http://dd1us.de/Downloads/Manual%20HSModem%20rev%202.03.pdf

  • Hello:

    I have a problem with high speed modem.

    When starting everything runs normally,but after 3 to 4 seconds the modem loses the IP address and gives me an error massages.

    Can someone give me some advice on what that could be.

    73,s de Jabi, ea2aru.

  • EA2ARU Please more info. Is it Windows or Linux?

    The beauty of running this under Linux is: There is no virtual audio cable.

    See the picture , it is gqrx and hsmodem running on a ubuntu ( Lubuntu , that is). The audio device gqrx delivers audio to is the soundcard, the capture device for hsmodem is MONITOR output of the soundcard. 73, Martin

  • This sounds like the same problem we discussed via the sat the last days.

    I posted it in the HSModem Thread some minutes ago:

    And no, we have no solution yet.

    It happens on WIn10 und on Linux for me, too

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    An intro video from Kurt DJ0ABR is now available on YouTube with german audio, but hopefully english subtitles will be available when YouTube created them automatically:

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  • Hi All,

    I've been playing a bit with the high speed modem and the multimedia beacon. I love it! Lots of potential for cool experiments on the satellite. I had the same problem with disconnects and recv errors and I've been hacking at the code to try a few fixes.

    I've increased the receive buffer and I have also changed some logic on how it closed the websocket connections (file descriptor) which causes it to crash. Not sure if the fix is the right way, but its been running happily on my side now for a while.

    I've got a compiled windows version if others with the same issue would like to try available here.



  • I need some help to get the HS modem working with my IC-9700 and windows 10 PC. The program starts and the command window opens. It runs through many items with no errors and the command window closes. The HS modem program does not recognise the 9700 (see the “red circles” in the attached image) and the “status” in the bottom left shows an IP address briefly then it turns red.

    From the program’s help file it says;

    Windows 10: After the first start, Windows 10 shows two dialogs to obtain permission for network access. You have to confirm both, otherwise the program won't run.

    I don’t remember seeing this, only the User Account Control panel appears asking to run the program Yes / No each time I start the program.

    The 9700 is connected via USB. The Icom drivers were installed long ago. I can go to the windows audio properties, select the USB codec, tick a box, press OK and the rigs audio comes through the PC’s speakers. So the rigs audio is getting into the PC but not to the program.

    Also the Status in the bottom right shows an IP address for a few seconds and then turns red as in the image shown below.

    Can anyone suggest something to try?

    73 Andrew G8TZJ

  • Hi Matthias, I thought the window closing was a normal activity. Previously it did remain open but I saw that it was reporting errors. From another post on this forum the fix was to change the audio sampling rate in the windows sound properties to 48000. Once I did that, the command window closes when it completes its commands. No errors are reported in the command window since I changed the sound sampling.

    73 Andrew G8TZJ

  • Hello,

    I am a new member to this group. I am using Windows 11 and looks like I am doing something wrong with HSModem software and in

    "Tuning Window" I see received signal, but no RX Sync (always Red) and no picture. Since I am located in North America the only choice is to use WebSDR in Europe.


    73 Bob, VE2HAR