Requirements for a valid Satellite QSO

  • Dear All

    Today I heard a station on NB Transponder (despite his limited working conditions) with very poor operation practice:

    - rarely identifying itself

    - occasionally failing to acknowledge his correspondent correct call

    - often not giving his report

    - often not acknowledging his correspondent report
    - rarely giving is grid locator
    - working simplex (by numbers)

    Basically he often pick up a call and said "You are in the log"

    So I asked my self, is this a QSO?

    Looking at this document, clearly not. However that recommendation remits to the VHF Handbook. I spent most of my evening reading it but I couldn't say for sure if the Minimum Requirements of a Valid QSO (described under section 2.1) are applied to Satellite QSOs.
    My interpretation is yes, because despite the QSO is made via satellite, we are still using VHF/UHF/Microwave bands. But I wish there was a clear statement in that document saying what constitutes a valid Satellite QSO.

    So I urge the AMSAT organizations, if they haven't done it yet, to define it and spread the information to it's members.

    In the meantime, let's follow the VHF Handbook.

    See you on QO-100

    73 FCosta, CT1EAT/M0HOJ