Pluto can't be accessed any more

  • during a recent firmware update V0.31 to V0.32 i obviously managed to "kill" my pluto:

    when i connect it via usb to computer one can hear the wellknown dütdidledüt, but i'cant communicate any longer via this usb-port (i usually did it with putty and a ssh-connection through the ip address .

    the program console for qo-100-operation doesn't recognize it any more as well. where the pc shows normally the pluto - drive, it shows "usb download gadget auswerfen" instead.

    can anybody tell me if it is definitely dead or could it be brought back to life again? if yes how and in a first place who could help me with that since i'm only a stupid operator of this device.

    i'm gratefull for any help.

    wolfgang matti (dl5tp)

  • ciao aveva un amico lo stesso problema se non dai comando Plutone e la luce blu fissa ... !!! non è vivo!!! è necessario eseguire una cartella c:\plutone remota creare la cartella c:\plutone all'interno di questo programma c:\pluto tipo c:\plutone\UPDATE.bat uboot-env.dfu dopo lo stesso sistema c:\pluto\UPDATE.bat pluto.dfu dopo aver fatto attendere i due LED lampeggiare ... controllare con Putty, tutto è andato bene e dato vita Plutone

    73 Tony Ik1hgi

    When your adalm pluto goes in a non recognized usb condition in your pc. this will put him again in a live condition .
    73 de on7ndr

    adalm pluto DFU - YouTube