QO-100 SSB / CW Challenge

  • Hi. Good initiative, it certainly can be a very interesting activity for many on QO-100.

    I believe the proposed date should be changed since 20/FEB is tomorrow and many are not even aware of this yet (or the dates up there are just examples?)

    Please go simpler and highlight what really matters to everyone: number of QSOs X Grids X DXCC, no prefixes, no divisions, no trigonometry... not a N1MM expert but it should have something ready for calculate this (?) for the vhf contests here I don't even use n1mm, I just use an Excel file with the necessary fields that generates an ADIF file which I convert to Cabrillo, works perfectly.


  • Hi,

    You can upload the log in Cabrillo format to the website and the score is automatically calculated from the supplied QSO records and your own location. You don't have to keep score yourself.

    Below an example of the log file:

    Lay out QSO Record

    QSO:  2.3G PH 2021-02-20 1817 PE1ITR        59  001  PA3FYM         59  015  JO22
    QSO: ***** ** yyyy-mm-dd nnnn ************* nnn nnnn ************** nnn nnnn ****
    QSO: band  mo date       time sent call     rst txnr rcvd call      rst rxnr grid
    QSO: 0000000001111111111222222222233333333334444444444555555555566666666667777777
    QSO: 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456 
  • Hi Remco,

    many thanks for this announcement.

    Do you have any hints for connecting my IC-9700 with SDR-Console (frequency tracking) and N1MM+ Logger (typing CW + logging) at the same time?

    Tnx es 73,

    Marcus, DL2DCX


    Marcus, DL2DCX

    Locator: JO31UN

    QSL via: DARC-QSL-Büro, LoTW, eQSL, ClubLog.

    Responsible operator of DA0DX and DK0YA.

  • Hello Markus,

    Being an avid N1MM+ user I don't understand your question?

    N1MM+ is one of the two most populair (CW) logging programs, its 'commercial' counterpart is WinTest.

    Both programs have CW (sending) options and logging, also both programs have the option

    to 'program' Function Keys with standard messages where the 'variables' like callsign and

    report(+serial number) are included automagically.

  • Hello all.
    Thanks for the QO-100 Challenge yesterday.

    Does anyone have an example of the correct format for a QSO in cabrillo format?
    I have a log from N1MM+ but I'm getting error messages when I try to upload.

    The format produced by N1MM+ is:

    CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.9450.0

    QSO: 2.3G PH 2022-02-19 1802 G0MRF 59 001 IO91 SP5EXA 59 002 KO02

    but it creates an error message

    FYI My grid locator is IO91

    Any thoughts appreciated. 73 David

  • Hi David,

    The cabrillo format for a qso record of the QO100-CHALLENGE is:

    QSO: [Band] [Mode] [Date] [Time] [Own callsign] [RST sent] [Serial sent] [Callsign] [RST Received] [ Serial Received] [Received locator]

    Al fields have to be in this order and separated by one or more spaces. Just like DL2GMI example above.

    Below another example:

    QSO:  2.3G PH 2022-02-19 1850 PE1ITR        59  022  G0MRF         59  019  IO91

    73 Rob PE1ITR