QO-100 WB Transponder Bandplan and Operating Guidelines

  • Version 3 February 2021 – The following updated DATV (DVB-S2) bandplan and guidelines are designed to enable the most efficient use of the QO-100 wideband transponder (WB) for all amateur radio satellite users. Please make sure that you understand the guidelines and follow them accordingly. The use of DVB-S2 as the most efficient transmission mode is advised.


    or for direct Download: QO-100 WB Transponder Bandplan V3

  • No "experimenting wednesdays" :(
    Experimenters were meeting on wednesdays evenings...

    And those guidelines just get weird and weirder.

    Transmission Power All uplink transmissions should use the minimum power possible. QPSK transmissions should have a downlink signal with at least 1 dB lower power density than the Beacon – the web-based spectrum monitor enables users to set their uplink power to achieve this. Transmissions with symbol rates of less than 333 kS using 8PSK, 16 APSK or 32 APSK should use the minimum power density required to achieve successful reception.

    So sending 1MS 8PSK 3db higher than beacon it's perfectly OK now!
    Not QPSK, not 333k or less.

    Transmission Modes
    Transmissions should use DVB-S2 where possible. For normal standard definition transmissions, 1500 kS is the maximum symbol rate that should routinely be used.

    OK, so now there are no restrictions...we all use HIGH definition or even ULTRA high definition.
    Oh....and there is no 1.5MS slot in the bandplan!

    When I look on a transponder now (after 2 years) I see narrow spikes all over the transponder transmitting test screens. It was WIDEband transponder before...personally I would prohibit anything less than <250kS (except wednesdays :) )

    Bandplan that prohibited narrow modes in 2M slot was much better. When there was many 333kS signals they used it in a right way - from right to left..and collegues with wider switched to narrow...and now You see one transmitting shitty 5W 16APSK signal undecodable with 90cm...just in center of transponder...and that's OK?

    Now it's friday evening and there are only 3 signals...where's everybody?

    "Due to the very large number of potential users, "

    Like 215 users now...last year 1 march was 160.
    Nothing changed...we've got bored.