Solved: Pluto F5OEO Firmware plus frequency extension 70MHz to 6GHz -- how?

  • Hello folks,

    I plan to do some tests with DATV, so I want to install the F5OEO firmware onto the Pluto.

    My understanding is that with the latest Analog firmware update 0.32 I lose the ability to extend the frequency extension capability that I need, for example, to run SATSAGEN.

    Can someone please point me to some further information/instructions on how to keep the frequency extension (70MHz to 6GHz) while installing the (latest?) firmware of F5OEO?

    Thanks, vy 73

    Holger 'Geri', DK8KW

  • Well, G0MJW,

    Thanks for the hint, Mike. Been there, done that. Didn't find what I was looking for, therefore hoping to find some assistance here.

    Perhaps the wording of my question was not sufficiently clear enough. My understanding is that when I load the latest F6OEO software I get the 0.32 version of the regular Pluto firmware coming along with it. This one suppositly doesn't allow me to expand the frequency.

    Is that right? Is there a workaround? Any assistance is appreciated.

    Vy 73

    Holger 'Geri', DK8KW, W1KW

  • Well I did wonder. I am not aware it doesn't allow that. It could be Evariste does is automatically. I think you just use the standard commands. If that's actually the case it's simple enough to load the earlier version via the USB drive and eject and apply the standard command. Google should have found this as the top hit, at least it did for me

    Adalm Pluto -New official firmware 0.32

    Advice - use 0.31


  • Tnx, Mike,

    Well, it is a few messages further down that mentioned it. I had loaded the latest F5OEO firmware the other day and SATSAGEN stopped working and didn't allowe me to proceed du to the inability to perform the frequency hack.

    This is the message that got me confused:

    RE: Adalm Pluto -New official firmware 0.32

    saying I have to use the boot frm from 0.31 to still be able to perform the frequency extension hack. Honestly I haven't been able to dig deep enough into the firmware and operating system of the Pluto to be able to perform that stunt so I was hoping for some advice for the layman.

    >Advice - use 0.31

    Probably that's what I have to do.

    Vy 73

    Holger 'Geri', DK8KW

  • Hi all,

    Somehow I managed to get the F5OEO firmware (version August 29th, 2020) to work and maintain the frequency extension active.

    What I basically did was to makes sure I had the original ADALM PLUTO firmware 0.31 (not 0.32!) on the device and performed the frequency extension.

    After that I loaded the pluto.frm from F5OEO into the Pluto folder (Windows 10) and started the uploading process. Firmware is functioning, frequency extension was tested with SATSAGEN.

    I have no idea why it didn't do this the last time I tried it, but now it works (well, I understand it's the digital world: either things work -- or thry don't).

    Vy 73

    Holger 'Geri', DK8KW

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