Question for LNB mod Experts

  • Reading some recent and old posts on LNB modifications, I decided to break apart an Avenger LNB this morning and modify it to inject 27 Mhz from a Leo Bodnar GPSDO.

    Although somehow locking, I get very strange symmetric patterns on SDR Console, and can even hear lower or upper beacon, but at many different places left and right from the center beacon.

    Must definitely have made something wrong that experts will in all probabilities immediately find out when looking at the below pictures.

    Thank you


  • DB2OS

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  • Hi Daniel,

    Do you test with the metal cover shield in place?. The cover should have a good fit without gaps or else the amplifiers may oscillate wildly.

    Otherwise the problem could be that Bodnar GPSDO level is set to high, just try first the lowest setting.

    73 Ed