Dual-Band Feeds Update

  • Greetings all!

    My background is baseband and algorithm development, but the RF side is where the signals meet and exceed the sky. I have only the deepest respect for those that are talented here and give generously of their time for amateur satellite project success. We owe a lot here to Kent Britain, Paul Wade, and many others.

    There are two designs for ORI's Phase 4 dual band feeds in the repository linked here. They are dual-band feeds, best used in dishes.


    The first one I want to introduce you to is the 5 GHz up, 10 GHz down. This feed was designed by Paul Wade W1GHZ, has lab results, has been manufactured in amateur machine shops, and has been 3d printed/metallized. This feed has been demonstrated at amateur and IEEE conferences.

    The second is 10 GHz up, 24 GHz down. This feed is another design from Paul Wade W1GHZ. Preliminary lab results are in progress and published in the repository. More to come! ORI bought 15 of them and is interested in putting them into the hands of amateurs that will use them and report back. Three have been sent out so far, and we are looking to send out more.

    Please let me know if you are interested, and I'll get one to you.

    While the baseline Phase 4 design is “five and dime” or 5/10 GHz, the goal of ORI is to use any and all microwave bands that we can. I think we are all aware of how much pressure our microwave bands are under from commercial interests, all over the world.

    Since this open source system design is extensible to 10/24, so we needed a feed for this.

    Thank you to all that have helped make this possible!

    -Michelle W5NYV