Contests on QO-100 allowed in time for Yuri Gagarin contest (April 10-11)

  • Dear All

    Are contests ok on QO-100?

    The reason for my question is I was under the impression contests (*) were not permited on amateur radio satellites.

    Yes, I understand QO-100 is different from previous amateur radio satellites, but it's still an OSCAR.

    Anyway, this is a genuine question. I just want to be sure before joining the ongoing "challenge".

    Thank you.

    73 FCosta, CT1EAT/M0HOJ

    (*) There was a contest on AO-13: a station transmitted a signal, progressively weaker, and the winner was the station who could decoded the lowest signal

  • I like contesting a lot. Having said this:

    No antenna to rotate, no propagation to observe, predictable footprint of the signal. Whats the point? It's a repeater, just not fm and not on the ground. Contest is useless there. Maybe that's why it is called "challenge".

    I also like contesting. During ARRL DX I never rotate my antenna and HF propagation is very predicatable. The point (for me) is to make short contacts, with stations you normally wouldn't do QSO. But all of that is a matter of personal preference and I will not discuss it.

    The important question is are contests (*) allowed or not?

    73 FCosta CT1EAT/M0HOJ

    (*) The fact someone call it challenge (or something else) is irrelevant. If there are rules, time limit and scoring, it's a contest.

  • Hi all,

    I thought the challenge/contest was fun - anything that generates interest / activity on the satellite, in my book, should be encouraged.

    I only worked 50 stations before running out of tea (the wife was watching rubbish on TV) else I'd have been on longer.

    Well done to Remco for organising it, Maybe next time it can be a QRP activity challenge.


    Paul M0EYT.

  • 6572-amsat-qo-100-nb-transponder-bandplan-neu-2021-03-21-rev8-png

    On April 4, AMSAT-DL announced the opening of the QO-100 NB satellite transponder to general contest

    operation in the upper mixed-mode range. This weekend (April 10-11) will see the Yuri Gagarin contest.

    The contest area on the QO-100 geostationary satellite NB transponder for both CW and SSB is:

    Uplink area 2400.370 – 2400.490 MHz

    Downlink area 10489.870 – 10489.990 MHz

    Of course, the usual QO-100 NB transponder guidelines also apply here. Therefore, the bandwidth should still be limited to 2.7 kHz and the transmitting power should be reduced to the necessary level, i.e. only as much power as necessary should be used.

    Read the AMSAT-DL announcement at

    The Yuri Gagarin International DX Contest 2021 is dedicated to the memory of Yuri Gagarin,

    who realized the first human flight to space, on April 12, 1961.

    It runs from 2100 GMT on April 10 until 2100 GMT on April 11, 2021, and SAT categories include:

    • SAT Single operator – Satellite QSOs

    • SAT-GS Single operator – Geostationary Satellite QSOs

    Contest rules are at


    TNX to AMSAT-DL, Matthias DD1US and M3AKA.