Pluto TX with SDR console

  • Hello to all my amsat friends. I need help again please. I am now working on my QO 100 TX path. I am running Pluto with SDR console v3. I am monitoring the Pluto output with a Immersion RC power meter, I have a usb microphone plugged into my windows 10 PC. The SDR console TX panel is active, when I activate TX + tone, or tune, there is NO output showing on the meter. Do I have to do something to activate the Pluto? Thanks.

  • Please await replies from much more knowledgeable members, but speaking in general RF tems I think what I would do is put a current meter in the supply to any pre amp before the PA and see if TX'ing shows more current draw from the first device after the Pluto. If so, how much change from resting to TX'ing? As you know I am watching your progress with great interest as we are treading similar paths :) Good luck.

    I need to get myself one of those mini VNA's as i do not have anything to check antennas or coax at these sorts of frequencies, I am Googling your power meter in a minute! I have worked mainly LF (137khz) and HF previously, these UHF frequencies are new to me.

  • Hi, thanks for response. I turned everything on this morning so I could check to see the tone as per Detlev. I could see the tone, so put my RF meter on the Pluto TX port, and lo and behold, there was an output! Reading about 5mW with the tune, tried with my microphone and all good. So, don’t know why it didn’t work last night! I can now start assembling the TX chain.

    Thanks for the response.