QO-100 Linux SDR Transceiver

  • Hallo zusammen

    Zuerst herzlichen Dank an die Macher dieser Software. Werde die SW in Kürze auf eine Raspberry pi 4 testen.

    Ein Frage vorab. Ist es geplant, wie bei der SDR Console eine externe USB Relaisplatine ( z.B. für die PTT einer PA ) zu integrieren?

    73 de HB9EIY


  • Hello Michi and others,

    I was pleasantly surprised by the announcement of the Linux Transceiver. Thought it would be a welcome addition to my arsenal. Installed it according to the description on an Raspberry Pi 400 with a PiSDR card. It started with the opening screen, but didn't get any further after doing the configuration. Redid it on another SD card with latest Buster installed, same problem, but now I got as far as a spectrum and waterfall with multiple symmetrical peaks, updating once every two seconds. Burned a new SD card with 21-03-04 Buster, again same result. Used two different Pluto's (both rev B), and USB-Dongle. Audio loop worked, although with an annoying hum, RF loop didn't. Also the settings for the frequencies were lost every time at restart of the app. On install I didn't get any errors, only warnings about Jack daemon not installed. At startup also warnings that Jack server didn't startup. But Alsa worked, so probably shouldn't be a problem. I've been at it for 6 hours without result, so I could use some help here.



  • Please use https://github.com/dj0abr/QO100_Transceiver/issues to report errors directly to the author, Kurt DJ0ABR.

    Dokumentation, deutsch: https://wiki.amsat-dl.org/doku.php?id=de:plutotrx:overview

    Documentation, english: https://wiki.amsat-dl.org/doku.php?id=en:plutotrx:overview