JOTA activity on QO100 on the weekend 15-16-17 october

  • Hello everyone,

    In the weekend 15-16-17 october 2021 there will be the annual Jamboree On The Air.

    This is a global event where scouts will use amateur radio to talk to other scouts, but also to hamradio in general.

    For many it may be the first time children see and use amateur radio.

    Because of the quality of the radio connections, a number of JOTA stations will be using QO100.

    I hope we will some good QSO's that will leave good memories.

    I hope that stations from countries that we don't hear every day, will be available. Keep in mind that every QSO can be a "where-is-this-country" and similar considerations. We are building future hams here, in the group I assist several Scouts did manage to get their license.

    If there is a JOTA QSO, you may expect some questions people normally don't ask, like about living conditions in your part of the world. Some kids need to speak using a radio transmitter, or are asked to speak in English or German which they did learn at school but typically have not used much. You know how your own school language learning went.

    You may also find that perhaps operating practice is less, or a station makes a mistake. Please have patience and guide, considering you're teaching potential future hams. They will not operate without supervision but people are trying and, let's face it, how cool is it to run a big radio transmitter with lots of knobs, all by yourself?

    I know I've requested the same last year, and then "nothing happened". For the Dutch stations, the tuesday before the JOTA the Dutch government changed the Corona rules and any and all mitigations we had made, became null and void. This year we hope to get some activity, in narrow-band or perhaps even on the wideband transponder.

    For us the focus will be on the saturday including saturday evening.

    I hope we will have an enjoyable weekend on the bird and perhaps some fresh hams in future years. Thank you for your understanding!


    Geert Jan PE1HZG

    During JOTA: PA1PTP/J