Minitiouner-Express no LNB power supply

  • there is no control of the LNB power supply.

    this is correct.

    The MiniTiouner Express layout has no support for software control of LNB power.

    The DC voltage is sourced directly from the tuner input DC power. Since the tuner itself will operate from a +8 to +24VDC source, the preamp voltage requirements dictate the tuner supply voltage.

  • Robert - DD4YR, thank you for your quick reply which helped me a lot. Now that I knew that Minitioune's user interface doesn't allow you to set the voltage for the LNB, I was able to continue my search. And indeed, when I turned the LNB 90° I got to see the beacon. And when the supply voltage on the Minitioune Express is 18V, the LNB no longer needs to be turned. Thanks again for the tip.


  • Robert, Ihave another question, related to using UDP for Tx from within OBS Studio to Pluto.

    I have a PC with a Nvidia GTX1050 GPU and I read on the forums that is possible to work H265 with the GPU from within OBS using RECORDING. But after completing the Recording parameters that I found on the AMSAT.DL forum and after clicking Start Recording I get the message 'Couldn't open UDP://'. Protocol not found. On the Pluto I have Evarist"s firmware v0.31. Does this firmware support UDP or do I have to install a patch form F5UII, please?

    Best 73's

    Rudy - ON6PY

  • Hello Rudy,

    firmware v0.31 is from AnalogDevices basicly firmware for the PLUTO, not from F5OEO, Evariste. Did not support DATV on UDP

    You have to add a pluto.frm from F5EOE to run DATV on UDP.

    After installing start pluto.php

    With this script you can adjust all the DATV settings on the PLUTO.

    What hardware Version is your PLUTO ?

    73 de Robert