New AllinOne Interface for (Quad) LNBs

  • Hello Oscar 100 friends !

    It has been a while that I was active here since my publications of LNB Mods, IndoorTCXOs and Converters.

    Meanwile some hundereds of my developments were rebuild by other hams.

    But that does not mean that I was inactive ...

    My own Station works fine, but what me disturbed were the many small boxes, TCXO, 2m converter, ATV converter, LNB supply and so on ...

    So I developed a "AllinOne-Interface" which can be used for all kinds of RX possibilities together with a modified quad LNB.

    All in just one 160x100x30 mm box.

    It contains :

    1. A flexible regulated LNB Supply with 12 an 18 V

    2. An excellent indoor reference TCXO with 25 or 27 MHz

    3. A 2m converter for receiving the NB-Transponder

    4. An ATV converter for the WB-Transponder for receiving ATV with an original SAT-Receiver

    5. A filtered output channel with H/V switching for connection of an SDR-Stick for monitoring

    All inputs and the ATV output are filtered with very sharp SAW filters wich results in a very good signalquality.

    So you have 3 several RX Path at the same time with just one box.

    I made a complete report of building instructions, including shematics, layout, placepan, mechanic plan, partslist and many more for rebuilding it on your own.

    You find it at :

    Sorry, it's german only up to now, but "deepl" helps and the shematics and layouts are "international" :)

    I hope you find it useful and I wish you many success with it.

    best 73s :)



  • Sehr schön Armin,

    vielen Dank für die interessante Beschreibung!

    Falls jemand der Leser die Anleitung als pdf Datei haben möchte, um sie zu speichern oder auszudrucken,

    dann kann er mich gerne anschreiben. Ich habe die Webseite von Hand in ein Word- und dann pdf Dokument konvertiert
    und werde sie euch gerne zusenden (es muss sich ja nicht jeder die gleiche Arbeit machen).

    Viele Grüße