Question re AMSAT Linux Transceiver software.

  • I put together this set up on a Raspberry Pi 4 and it worked perfectly straight away with my Pluto on a LAN. A friend saw it in action and wants to build one too.

    But it's all but impossible to find any new Pi 4's here in the UK at the moment. If I sell him my working Pi 4 set up will I have ANY issues duplicating it on an Odroid N2+ with 4gB RAM? I think these are currently available still and I have fancied trying one for a while. I am pretty hopeless with Linux so would like to be reassured there are no potential complications please, is anyone running it on this Odroid model, and if so what base OS is loaded before adding the transceiver software? Many thanks. Chris in the UK, 2E0ILY

  • There is no need to install it on a raspberry at all. Here it is running on my linux desktop machine as well as on a raspberry pi400.

    It even runs on Pi3B+ , but i never tested the performance . I'm quite sure it will also run on Odroid. Just do NOT download a ready made raspberry image with all that stuff preinstalled, if there is any (can't remember right now). Follow these instructions:

    If you get lost, just ask.

    73, Martin…-pi-400-unit-only-75-1134

  • Thanks for the reply, in my experiment to see what it is all about I had used Buster as the base OS.

    I was remiss before in not thanking the developer(s) for their work creating such a neat application. Thanks for this, it will be useful to me I'm sure.

    I await your findings with the Bullseye install with interest, good luck Martin!