What can I use my setup other than voice/data/CW while I am not using it ?

  • Dear All ,

    I had my fun on QO-100 with voice. I am most of the times quite busy to get on the satellite and also doing it remotely seemed to be a challenge ( issues with audio mostly) but I will deal with that soon.

    Never the less I would like to know IF there is something else to contribute as a standby ground station for the satellite , maybe telemetry , or automated tests ? or something to make my setup useful while I am not actively using it ? something to contribute back to the group / hobby

    I hope the experts would shine some light on this request ,

    Thank you in advance


  • a small reminder for given reasons:

    Remote operation of an amateur radio station via QO-100 is only permitted if the station belongs to the operator himself and is operated at his own location. He must always have full control over the station and in particular be able to switch it off immediately if, for example, interference occurs. Special cases of unmanned and automatically operating stations require both permission from the operator of the space station, in this case represented by AMSAT-DL, and special permission from the regulatory authority responsible in the respective country. The international and national legal regulations must always be complied with by the operator. The above agreement is in accordance with AMSAT-DL, AMSAT-UK, QARS and Es'hailSat.

    73 From ON1RC


  • Dear Sir,

    All precautions have being taken into consideration. I was/am well aware of these requirements before even going online / forward with the building / commissioning of the station.

    My station fulfils all these requirements.

    I have a master power shut off PLC that at any moments notice via GSM/LTE ( SMS text ) or LAN ( I always have complete control via VPN of the whole network ) I can kill power to the whole box.

    the station belongs to the operator himself --> YES

    operated at his own location (MY QTH) --> ALSO YES

    I am the sole user ? --> YES

    The rest about automated stations I need to find out how useful my station will be ( what will be its purpose ) and then I can go down the rabbit whole for asking for permission for automated and completely un-maned station.

    Hence why I made this post. and asked the question before hand.

    Thank you in advance


    p.s I don't share my ground station. It's solely for my personal use.