dxpatrol groundstation not transmitting

  • I've just purchased a dxpatrol ground station, I also bought the helix antenna. I've connected everything up and I can hear stations just fine. However when I attempt to transmit using my ICOM-705 nothing is being heard, I'm monitoring using webSDR at Goonhilly.

    I'm using UltraFlex 7 cable which is less than 2meters, with high quality connectors to connect the ground station to the Helix.

    I have the ICOM set to 15% power, and on the ground station it's opening the TX, the power setting only ever goes between 0.2 and 1.0 while talking. The SWR only shows 1.0.

    Can anyone else who has one of these provide some guidance on what the power should be showing during transmission, what power setting and any other settings I should use on the ICOM-705.

    I'm not sure what else to try here.



  • Guy,

    please provide more info (pictures, diagrams etc of your setup).

    Are you sure your 705 transmits on the correct frequency ( e.g. no repeater offset, RIT, XIT etc.) . How much power is 15% ? Can you measure that and verify, there is power on 432MHz? Can you measure power on 2.4GHz? What swr do you measure? Swr between 705 and upconverter or swr of the antenna system?

    ....the power setting only ever goes between 0.2 and 1.0 while talking.

    What does this mean?

    Can you transmit cw and still no trace on goonhilly?

    73, Martin

  • Hello Martin,

    Thanks for coming back to me, 15% is equates to around 1.5Watts from the ICOM 705. I've turned off all RIT, XIT.

    When using the radio on 432Mhz to a 70cm Diamond V-2000 antenna, I'm able to confirm I'm transmitting out without issues.

    The SWR showing on the ground station is showing 1.0 which is I think is the SWR to the antenna.

    When TXing a CW tone I'm not seeing anything on the Goonhilly SDR.

    I don't think the power amp on the ground station is kicking in here. I think it should be pushing up to 10Watts of power but I'm never seeing anything like that on the LCD screen on the ground station.

  • Guy,

    did you read the Manual provided by ON4IQ http://www.dxpatrol.pt/files/QO100GS_v20.pdf

    This is a good starting point. The manual says the drive level is set for 250mW input, so it sure is safer not to go above this level.

    Do you have a powermeter for 432MHz to verify power?

    When you transmit, do you see an increase of current consumed by the groundstation and how much? Can you check for 28V to the amp?

    Can you transmit into a dummy load, even if it is not made for 2.4GHz, to see output power from the power amp?