Windows Longmynd Client

  • Hi All,

    I've been working on a windows client for Longmynd. I wanted to keep my minitiouner in the shack, but use the client elsewhere. This connects to a modified version of longmynd and it allows you to control and show the stream if its locked onto a transmission. This is designed specifically for use with OA-100, but should in theory work with anything longmynd can decode.

    Maybe its useful for others. I'm also working on an android version of the client


    Tom - ZR6TG

  • It really works great TOM. I can now leave the Minitiouner with a simple raspberry close to my dish and control the DATV RX via network all over my house.

    Combined with the remote monitoring via the same raspberry i can switch everything on and monitor temperature, voltage and power...

    Great tool with less cpu load.

    7es Benno