Bullseye lnb cover

  • Hiya

    I am setting up a QO-100 transceiver, I have a bullseye lnb and a poty antenna.

    My question is - how do I remove the red cover cap from the lnb so I can make the 22mm hole for the poty ?

    I have tried gently prising it off with no success.

    Do I have to be more brutal ? I want confirmation as obviously I don't want to damage it.




  • You need to be pretty brutal, they are on tight, and if I recall correctly have a thin section rubber O ring as a water seal. I found carefully heating mine up with a hot air gun on low, made the cap more pliable.

    The second one I did on my Bridgeport universal milling machine without removing the cap and blew any debris out with an airline. I knew then what was behind the cap, and how far down. One of the perks of my job :) But yes, they're on tight ..